Thursday 19 July 2012

So, I've set up a blog...

Yes, I've gone and done it, on the advice of a university tutor and the inspiration of other bloggers, I've set up my own blog: chapterand-verse. I intend to fill this with stories and ramblings from my day to life as well as reviews and my opinions on specific things (I know, why would you wanna hear me rant and rave right? Well you might find me funny, you might agree with what I've got to say, or even dispute it, either way I hope I can find some devoted readers, cause you never know, you might just like this!). I have to admit though, I am relitively new to this blogging malarky, I mean I have a tumblr but let's be honest, that tends to be mostly pictures, screen caps and gifs circulating from one user to another. And mine tends to be mostly food and it doesn't exactly capture my creative side, just my greedy one!

I attend the University of Huddersfield and I frickin' love it! I'm studying Media and Popular Culture which to all intents and purposes is just a wordy title. Basically, it is Media studies. The course mainly revolves around studying journalism, film and television both practically and analytically. I study this because I love all things media related, I think it's a massively creative and important industry but the main reasoning behind me studying this course is that I have a huuuuuge passion for writing, and have had from a very young age. A year into my course I'm still quite unsure of the exact field I wish to pursue after university, all I know for certain is... (and to be totally cheesy and adapt a Twisted Sister song...) I wanna write!

This will be in no means solely a serious academic way of me showcasing my writing, it'll do that, yes, but at the same time incorporate my interests and personality too (and give the people of the internets some light reading of course!) The main things I'm really interested in are music and film, so a lot of my posts will centre around that, but there will also be little ramblings and anecdotes about what I get up to from day to day.

So with the introduction out of the way....let's get down to it!