Monday 30 March 2020

Colouring Through the Covid-19 Chaos

Did anyone see 2020 panning out like this?!
We're all grounded. 
The world is doing strange things.
There's productivity and procrastination in equal amounts.
The year's biggest trend is toilet roll.
It's all just so bizarre.
But also very, very serious. 

Covid-19 has forced us all to stay home for the foreseeable to prevent its spread. 
And for the most part, people worldwide are adhering to this and finding new ways to live their lives.
It's sometimes scary and unlike anything we've ever known.
But it's also making us take stock of everything we rely on day to day and things we possibly take advantage of.
For most of us, it's finally getting that last wall painted or baking as a whole family for the first time.
It's making a world that goes too fast, just stop and re-assess.
But on a very serious level, it's making people incredibly ill, even proving fatal for some.
It's taking it's toll on our everyday heroes and making us realise that we have even more everyday heroes than we thought. 

Many of us just have the one job throughout this, stay inside.
And whilst that sounds rather grand on the face of it. It's not without its stresses.
Hence the emergence of online video chats, online learning, online activities and people trying to do whatever they can to make the experience easier for some.
And that is a huge positive to what's going on right now.

But people will still undoubtedly struggle throughout this. 
And everyone has their own way to deal with that and battle through the coming weeks.
For me and I think for many others, it's about keeping busy, keeping connected and taking each day as it comes.

So for my (very small and I appreciate this will seem trivial to some) part, I've created a couple of colouring sheets for anyone who is struggling to keep the kids occupied, anyone who feels anxious and needs a creative outlet to mute their thoughts and worries for a little while or anyone jumping on the bandwagon to put colourful, smile-inducing things in their window to bring a little happy to a dull time.
Simply right click and save to your computer to then print out. Or access PDF versions here. These are completely free of charge, all I ask is that you, stay inside first and foremost and secondly, check out my social media pages which I'll list below. I'd especially love to see any completed masterpieces and I may post more of these in the coming days.

Stay home, stay safe, stay brilliant. :)