Thursday 14 July 2016

Summer Travels & Bestie Reunions

Anyone that knows me will know that I rarely travel to far away shores. This isn't necessarily through choice but more lack of funding and time and is definitely something I aim to rectify in the next year or two. Generally, the furthest I go each summer is to Scarborough to stay with one of my lovely uni pals, Jade and then sit back and watch everyone else's travelling posts and pics on Facebook whilst reeking of jealousy.

This year, we went one step further. Whilst not exactly a jet-set holiday, a million miles away, me and Jade sailed off to visit one of our closest yet furthest away friends, Beth on her little Isle of Man for the first time.

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive and unsure what to expect, as stated before, I rarely go away. However, I now think everyone should go visit the Isle of Man at least once in their lifetime. For anyone who may be unaware of the island, its the little dot between England and Ireland and consists of towns such as Douglas, Ramsey and Peel. It's a strange little place with little stories and myths behind everything but that somehow makes it so enjoyable. You'll be listening to tales of Manannan and his cloak, believing in and talking to fairies and bumping into flags of the three legs left, right and centre. Everything is unbelievably photogenic, the sea is crystal clear, the traditions are the cutest and the people are the friendliest I've ever met.

The island is littered with sights and cute little eateries and cocktail bars and is perfect for a short break, just a couple of days away. We travelled via boat which was certainly an experience, particularly the rough ride home, but it was a brilliant experience and I for one will now be visiting more often.

I was lucky enough to have four days on the isle and then a couple of days in York & Scarborough, surprising and catching up with friends and having the best times making cute memories whilst there.

Things I saw and did on the Isle:
- Marvelled at the Isle of Man notes & coins
- Saw the sights of Peel & walked around Peel Castle, taking in the breathtaking coasts and quaint little boats in the harbour
- Ate at a number of cute little venues & tearooms including Harbour Lights tea-room in Peel, The Tea Junction in Douglas and JUST Pizza & Pasta in Douglas
- Enjoyed a walk along the promenade in Douglas, in awe of the clear waters, Tower of Refuge and neat and tidy parks and gardens along the way
- A drive along a foggy Marine Drive
- Said hello to the fairies whilst driving over the locally famous Fairy Bridge
- Saw the Absolutely Fabulous film at the cute little Broadway Cinema at the Villa Gaiety in Douglas
- Took a walk up to the top of the Laxey Wheel and revelled in the sights and sounds surrounding Lady Isabella
- Visited the only superstore on the whole island!
- Had plenty of drinks including cocktails at Bath & Bottle and a night out in the one and only Outback bar in Douglas (Just be weary of Squashed Frogs!)
- Had a bizarre but memorable day out roaming Cregneash & watching Castletown's World Tin Bath Races

The Isle of Man's Liverpool to Douglas Ferry  |  Manx Currency  |  Manx Electric Railway in Douglas

Having fun at Laxey Wheel

Some of the devine food & drink: The Tea Junction in Douglas  |  Bath & Bottle cocktail bar in Douglas  |  A bolognese pizza from JUST Pizza & Pasta in Douglas

Fun along Douglas Promenade - Featuring lovely greenery, clear seas, Tower of Refuge, IoM ferries and a gormless me

Night-time fun & drinks in Douglas 

I was also lucky enough to spend a night in Scarborough after my Manx travels, and got to see the wonder that is James Bay at Scarborough Open Air Theatre. He was an absolute dream as one would expect!

James Bay killing it at Scarborough OAT <3

In Summary:
- The Isle of Man is magnificent and everyone should visit
- James Bay is gorgeous
- Good times with good friends make the absolute best memories

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