Wednesday 7 May 2014

As predicted, final year held me hostage!

Wow. I knew I hadn't blogged in a fair while, but I had no idea it was all the way back in December. I feel ashamed!

New Years Eve was when I posted my last entry, and that is just crazy, but as documented a few times over the last year, university has had me well and truly whipped. Final year has been chaos, the minute I think 'phew my work is handed in', I have to make a start on the next and for that reason I have been incredibly busy, all year.

However, this is my final deadline week, when the last two pieces of my uni work will be handed in. This is both scary and awesome at the same time. I do not want to go in to the big, wide world anytime soon, I love the student life! But, now the end is nigh, at least I can focus more on the things I enjoy - blogging, partying and cross-stitching. (Party on Wayne...)

So in short, expect a few more posts from today forth. I have been dying to get back into the blogging seat, because I am sick of writing boring essays! Plus, my student loan flourished into my decrepit bank account on Friday so I've been splurging at Boots and various other places and can't wait to report back with a few favourites and reviews.

Back with a vengeance - yay!

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